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Seniors event breaks all records at WSOP

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Any WSOP event that draws nearly 3,000 entrants has to be considered a tremendously popular tournament. Other than the Main Event it’s

No Limit Hold'em

No Limit Hold'em

usually the USD 1,500 No Limit Hold’em events which draw this kind of fields with internet players entering en masse.

The biggest event at the Rio Convention Center on Monday, however, doesn’t have too many internet kids in the field.

The USD 1k Seniors No Limit Hold’em World Championship shattered expectations, drawing a record 2,707 entrants for the three-day event. A record USD 2.4 million prize pool has also been raised for the event with the first place paying out an impressive USD 437,000.

The event drew all kinds of legends from the poker world. “Amarillo Slim” Preston, T.J Cloutier, Tom McEvoy and Humberto Brenes all bought in. Other big names in the event included PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato and legendary ring announcer Bruce Buffer.

“It’s fantastic,” said Cloutier. “This turnout is a lot more than what I expected.” “I don’t know how many played last year but I know it was a decent turnout. But this is fabulous.”

Preston shared the same opinion about the event but argued the buy-in should have been larger. “Why didn’t they make it a USD 2,500 entry fee like everything else?” Preston said. “Everyone here would buy in for USD 2,500, why not make it like other tournaments? This is a good event.” Preston said he’s gearing up to bring back his signature event to Las Vegas soon, perhaps increasing the number of senior events.

“I’m fixing to activate the Super Bowl of Poker next year,” Preston said. “We’ll play down at Binion’s. It’ll be homecoming from where all this started.”

Cloutier’s tough day at the tables came to an end when his pocket nines were cracked by AJ, but he’s sweating one of his good friends the rest of the way. “I’ll tell you who I’d like to see win – Tom McEvoy,” Cloutier said. “He’s my best friend, and I’m pushing for him to get into the Hall of Fame this year. There are a lot of us pushing for him, Hall of Famers pushing for him.”

The pace has been conservative and relaxed around most of the tournament tables, a change from the usual frantic pace in the early rounds of most WSOP events, when aggressive players are gambling and trying to build a deep stack early.


Mike Eise Wins WSOP USD 1,500 No Limit Holdem Event

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After a six hour long final table, Mike Eise, a 30 year-old pipe fitter from St. Louis, took down Event #28 of the 2009 World Series of Poker

Mike Eise AKA "The Force"

Mike Eise AKA "The Force"

 (WSOP), a USD 1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament. Eise’s win was worth USD 639,331 and he got his first WSOP bracelet.

Eise regularly plays in the same cash game as inaugural WSOP November Nine member Dennis Phillips. He’s also part of a poker club called the Wanna’ Be Poker Series. Eise stormed through a talented nine-handed final table that became official when Joey Brattole was eliminated in the tenth place. Then, Mike Zulker pushed all-in pre-flop with K-Q of hearts and was called by online poker pro Jason “JP_OSU” Potter, who showed K-J of diamonds. A flop of K-7-7 gave both players kings-up, but kept Zulker in front with a queen kicker. The six of diamonds on the turn gave Potter a flush draw, but a jack on the river paired both of his hole cards and sent Zulker home in the ninth place.

The next player ousted from the final table was Jose Luis Franco, who earned USD 83,180 for his eighth place finish. Franco shoved pre-flop with A-3 of clubs, but ran into Rico Ramirez’s A-J. The flop came 9-K-10 with two clubs, giving Franco outs for a flush. However, a red jack and a red seven ended his tournament run. Shortly thereafter, Avi Braz was bumped in the seventh place. Braz pushed on a board of A-2-10 with A-J, but Eise woke up with A-K. No help came to Braz, who banked USD 93,622 in his first WSOP cash.

The sixth place in the USD 1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament went to Zack Fritz, who earned USD 111,266. Eise called the all-ins of Jeff Chang and Fritz, who held pocket kings and A-K, respectively, while Eise showed A-Q. The board came 10-high, preserving Chang’s win in the hand with cowboys and tripling him up. Chang had Fritz covered. Barry Berger was the next to depart, pushing with pocket jacks on a board of 8-Q-6 with two spades. Ramirez called with 10-9 of spades for flush and straight draws. The turn came a jack, improving Berger to a set, but at the same time, the card gave Ramirez a queen-high straight. Needing the board to pair on the river for a full house or quads, Berger watched as a harmless four fell. He took home USD 139,353 for his fifth place effort.

Potter was ousted in the fourth place for USD 185,444. One of his hole cards was foiled when his Q-10 of spades ran into Chang’s pocket tens pre-flop. The flop came Q-4-10, giving Potter one of his three outs, but also improving Chang to trips. Official WSOP coverage noted that, upon seeing the action-packed flop, “the crowd erupted with an ear-splitting and deafening display of claps and stomps.” The ace of spades on the turn gave Potter a flush draw, but the seven of clubs on the river sent him out of the Amazon Room nearly USD 200,000 richer for his wear.

Ramirez was eliminated in the third place after calling for his tournament life with J-4 on a board of K-J-J-9. However, Eise tabled pocket nines for a full house. The river was a 10 and Ramirez earned USD 261,963 for his efforts. After scooping the healthy pot, Eise entered heads-up play with a 9:2 chip lead. In the event’s final hand, Chang put his tournament life on the line with A-J on a board of 3-6-3. Eise showed just 8-7 for just eight-high, but spiked a seven on the turn to move out in front. Needing one of the six remaining aces or jacks in the deck, Chang watched as the river fell a five, ensuring Eise would take home his first WSOP bracelet. Chang settled for a USD 392,494 consolation prize.

Here are the results from Event #28 of the 2009 WSOP, a USD 1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament:

1. Mike Eise – USD 639,331
2. Jeff Chang – USD 392,494
3. Adolfo Ramirez – USD 261,963
4. Jason Potter – USD 185,444
5. Barry Berger – USD 139,353
6. Zachary Fritz – USD 111,266
7. Avi Braz – USD 93,622
8. Jose Franco – USD 83,180
9. Michael Zulker – USD 77,778