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WSOP: Lisandro Dominates Main Event Day 1c

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Only days ago Jeffrey Lisandro became the fifth player ever to win three bracelets in a single World Series of Poker. Following his third win he

Jeffrey Lisandro

Jeffrey Lisandro

commented that he wanted to win a fourth. Anybody you thought he was kidding you should have been in the Amazon Room at the Rio on Sunday afternoon.

From the start of the day the man currently leading the WSOP Player of the Year race was at the top of the chip counts, and when play wrapped for the night Lisandro had bagged 147,000 chips, good enough for a sixth on the day. After winning his three bracelets in Seven-card Stud events Lisandro found the action in Hold’em to be just to his liking.

“(In one pretty big pot) I had two aces and someone flopped a set and I got a bit lucky — I made runner-runner straight. Most of the other time I was just grinding down small pots, stealing a few antes,” said Lisandro. “It was a slow, slow grind. I think I finished in front at almost every stage. I was just grinding. I didn’t want to risk any chips.”

“A couple of people tried to bluff me. I wasn’t playing that fast, and I was expecting them to try and bluff me because I was playing pretty weak. They were all easy calls.”

The five players to eclipse Lisandro on Sunday were Joe Cada, Tyler Patterson, Sebastien Stier, Chance Kornuth and Ariel “Da_Evils” Schneller. Cada holds the unofficial overnight chip lead with an astonishing 187,000 but right on his heels is Tyler Patterson with 179,500. Patterson, a professional poker player from Everett, Washington found a rush of cards in the last level after coming back from the break with 42,000.

“I just went on a massive rush. I flopped a set against ace-king and an overpair. The ace-king kind of went crazy and the overpair was just stuck,” said Patterson, who stacked both players on that hand. ”Nobody goes wire-to-wire though, there’s going to be bumps in the road. Hopefully I’m still there in the end.”

The day marked the return of a majority of the inaugural November 9 as six of the nine started their quest for another final table appearance. Craig Marquis, Darus Suharto, Ylon Schwartz, Dennis Phillips, Chino Rheem and Kelly Kim all returned to the scene of last summer’s glory, and with the exception of Rheem all will return on Day 2a with chips.

The field for Day 1c was the largest of the Main Event so far with 1,696 players taking to the felt. A near capacity field is expected for Day 1d with 2,500 players registered as Day 1c wrapped up for the night. Action resumes at 12 Noon PT.


‘Ante up for Africa’ draws big stars, lots of money

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The Third Annual ‘Ante up for Africa’ tournament was held in Las Vegas amid the 2009 World Series of Poker last week. The tournament was the brainchild of poker pro Annie Duke and actor Don Cheadle. The proceeds, normally donated by players, goes to the people of Darfur.

On a good note this year was the amount of entries compared to last year. There were a total of 138 players who ‘anted up’ the USD 5,000 to play in the No Limit Hold’em game this year. With a price pool of over USD 670Million, the first place winner would receive USD 177,730.

Alex Bolotin

Alex Bolotin

Alex Bolotin was the lucky player to win this year’s Ante up for Africa event. Bolotin donated half of his winnings to the ENOUGH Project and International Rescue Committee, the charity that has benefited from this poker event. Other celebrites and poker players raised USD 362,000 for the Crisis in Darfur. Of the 18 players who finished in the money, 17 donated at least a portion of their winnings to the cause.

The tournament lasted 10 hours this year and was held in the Rio Pavilion’s Amazon room, with hundreds of spectators trying to get a glimpse of all the celebrities in attendance.

WSOP: Mark Tenner Grabs Lead As Day 2 Ends

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Day 2 of the USD 2,500 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better (Event 46) ended with Mark Tenner in the lead. Play began Monday with 425 players but

Mark Tenner
Mark Tenner

only 196 returned for play on Tuesday. When the chips were bagged at the end of the night only 23 remained.

Tenner ended the night with 285,000 in chips and made his eighth World Series of Poker career cash. Tenner will be aiming to take down his first WSOP bracelet.

The underdog story of the night went to Frenchman Patrice Boudet who was playing in his first Omaha 8 tournament. Boudet began Day 2 with the shortest chip stack, a mere 2,500. After many ups and downs throughout the day he was sitting on one of the biggest stack in play at 205,000.

Something was amiss in the Amazon Room as players seemed to be out of sorts, confused and argumentative throughout the tournament.

At table 77 a shouting match ensued when Fabio Coppola insisted he should have won the low half of the pot that was awarded to John Juanda. With four cards on the board Juanda had two pairs with a bad low, but was awarded the pot when Coppola mucked his cards. Coppola insisted he had Ace-deuce, which would have given him the low and that half the pot was his.

The dealer, Juanda and most of the table argued that it did not matter what Coppola may have had in his hands, when he did not show his cards his hand was dead. Coppola refused to concede and the floor was called. “It’s real simple,” the floorman told Coppola. “If you don’t table your cards, you don’t have a live hand. You must table your cards. The whole pot goes to John.”

When moved to table 80 Coppola accused the dealer of cold-decking him. “It’s obvious you’re setting me up. I haven’t won a hand since you sat down,” he yelled. The dealer insisted he was not cold-decking or cheating in any other way but it was not enough. Coppola soon started mucking every hand dealt to him, and did not let up until a new dealer took a seat at the table.

Later at table 72 the issue of tabling hands came up again. A player claimed he was entitled to half the pot, but the dealer insisted the hand was dead because the player did not table the cards.

The floor was again called and this time took to reviewing the tapes to determine if the player had tabled the cards. In the end the floor ruled the cards had not been tabled and the hand was dead. Like Coppola, the player was not awarded half the pot he claimed to have won.

More drama was found at table 86 when Todd Brunson and an opponent were in a pot on a board reading 9  6  5  Q  K . Brunson turned over Q  Q  [10d] 9  and the opponent proclaimed “I have a straight” as he flipped over A  2  [10s] 7 . The dealer double checked the hand before telling the player “You have nothing.” The player was sure he had Brunson beat and insisted “I have a straight. Five, six, seven, nine. Oh, wait.” The dealer then slid the chips to Brunson.

The remaining 23 players will return tomorrow at 1 p.m. to play down to a final table. The winner will take home an amount just shy of USD 230,000 and a WSOP bracelet.