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Boris Becker turns Poker celebrity

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Former Wimbledon Tennis star Boris Becker is the latest poker celebrity. Becker is known for having been the youngest player ever to win the

Boris Becker

Boris Becker

men’s singles final almost 25 years back. Now at 42, he is showing his never ending competitive spirit in the poker game and tables and has turned into a pro.

Becker’s tryst with Poker started after a tennis match was cancelled due to heavy rain and he started playing card games with his tennis colleagues. Becker now, looks forward to playing in Dortmund, his hometown, and then in the Tour de grand final at Monte Carlo.

According to reports, Becker had been trying to enhance his poker skills for a while with the aim of becoming a real international poker star. We believe he has what it takes as Becker is used to pressured tennis and Poker is certainly a pressure game. Poker might coincide with tennis skills as they are both sports that require a clear and calm head, collected and continuous anticipation of your opponent’s moves. It also, like tennis involves a lot of traveling.


WSOP: Michael Davis Wins Seniors Championship

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Michael Davis had plans to move to Las Vegas due to its warmer winters compared to home state Iowa. Talk about making a statement when

Michael Davis
Michael Davis

coming to town.

Davis was able to beat Scott Buller and his impressive chip lead to win the USD 1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold’em World Championship (Event 43), USD 437,358, and the World Series of Poker gold bracelet Wednesday night.

“I sold my (home inspection) business last week, now I don’t have a job to go home to,” Davis, 58, joked after the win.

Davis won the championship when his A  9  was able to beat out Buller’s A  J . The flop came down 4  3  5 , but the 9  on the turn put Davis ahead. A jack or a deuce would keep the game going, but the 4  on the river ended the tournament and gave Davis the win.

The 2-1 chip lead Buller had as he and Davis began heads-up play quickly swapped. Davis raised from the button with A  A  and Buller went for the knock out, re-raising all in with 9  9 . Davis jumped even further ahead hitting the A  on the flop, and Buller was unable to catch up.

Davis was able to pull closer to Buller’s massive chip lead by eliminating Barry Bounds to face Buller heads up. Bounds moved all in with A  6  and Davis called with A  Q . The flop came down 4  2  7  and Bounds would need a six or runner-runner for a straight. The 5  hit on the turn to give him a two-way straight draw on the turn and when the 8  came on the river he turned around and gave former Main Event Champion Tom McEvoy, who had been sweating him the entire day, a high five, not realizing the card gave Davis a flush. Bounds left with USD 179,210 for finishing third.

“I got lucky,” Davis said. “Both those guys played great. Everybody at that table deserved to win. “I feel I was lucky during the entire tournament,” he said. “It was unbelievable fun.”

The tournament, held specifically for players at least 50 years old, had a record field with 2,707 creating a prize pool of USD 2,463,700. This was the second time Davis entered in the event, finishing 115th last year.

“I figured I’m not getting any younger,” he said. “Make it a yearly pilgrimage.”

As with most final tables at the WSOP, the last 10 were going to combine, but as one table said good bye to Ted Garner in 11th, Mitch Garshofsky was all in at the other table and lost the hand. So, instead of playing down to the official final table, Davis, Buller, Bounds, Dan Delatorre, Robert Beck, Michael Morusty, Richard McCall, Art Duncan, and Charles Simon made their last table change to play for the gold bracelet.

The group played only for a few minutes before going on dinner break, and played only a few hands before losing three players.

Beck was the first eliminated when he moved in with top pair against a set. Holding K  J , he pushed on the J  6  8  flop and Morusty instantly called, holding 6  6 . Needing another running cards, the turn and river came 9  and Q , sending Beck out in ninth, collecting USD 53,208.
Then, almost immediately after, McCall was knocked out, again, with top pair. He made his move with Q  J  on the board of Q  7  2 , but DeLatorre made the call with K  J . Like Beck, McCall would need runner-runner for a full house, but the K  and 6  eliminated him in eighth. He won USD 56,903.

The third elimination of the table came about 20 minutes after play resumed when Duncan was knocked out. He re-raised Simon, who opened from under the gun, with K  J , and Simon made the call with K  Q . The A  Q  6  flop gave Simon a pair, but Duncan was able to improve his odds to win by picking up the straight draw with four outs instead of the three he would have had with the jacks. The next two streets, however, came 3 , 9 , and Duncan was sent to the rail in seventh, winning USD 64,047.

After the Razz tournament wrapped up at the feature table, the seniors made their move to the stage. The bright lights, however, were unkind to DeLatorre as he was the next to leave. He made a push from under the gun with Q  4  hoping to get the blinds and antes, but Morusty, to his right, had kings. The board ran out 8  3  2  6  8  and the K  K  of Morusty stood up. Delatorre took USD 76,118 for the sixth place finish.

Simon was eliminated soon after as well. He moved all in from the small blind after Buller raised from under the gun. Simon’s A  Q  was the underdog to Buller’s A  K  going to the flop, which came down J  6  2 . The K  gave Simon a straight draw to a ten, and the 9  on the river gave him and the crowd some excitement, but was ultimately not enough. He finished in fifth for USD 95,332.

But the excitement and disappointment from that hand was no match for the next elimination. Morusty re-raised Buller’s under the gun raise from the big blind and Buller moved all in, which Morusty instantly called. The crowd went insane when Morusty flipped over A  A , which was a huge favorite to Buller’s A  K . The audience was much calmer when the flop came K  3  8 . They almost cried when the 4  hit on the turn, and Buller channeled the excitement they used to have. The river came with another club, 7 , and Morusty was out. He took USD 126,863 for the fourth-place finish, and Buller took a dominating chip lead three-handed.

Final table results and payouts
1. Michael Davis – USD 437,358
2. Scott Buller – USD 268,507
3. Barry Bounds – USD 179,210
4. Michael Morusty – USD 126,863
5. Charles Simon – USD 95,332
6. Dan Delatorre – USD 76,118
7. Art Duncan – USD 64,047
8. Richard McCall – USD 56,903
9. Robert Beck – USD 53,208

WSOP: Kabbaj Puts The Kabosh On The Field

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Two hundred and seventy five players sat down Tuesday for the USD 10,000 World Championship Pot Limit Hold ‘em (Event 45). Only a small

John Kabbaj

John Kabbaj

field of 85 took to the felt at the beginning of Day 2, and by end of play on Wednesday evening only 14 were left standing.

At the end of the night it was John Kabbaj who sat at the top of the leader board with a massive stack of 2,026,000.  JC Alvarado and Billy Kopp were not far behind with healthy stacks of 924,000 and 772,000 respectively.

Kabbaj has made his second cash of the 2009 World Series of poker and will be aiming to take his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Tucked away in a far corner a stacked tabled developed which included Isaac Haxton, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Darryll Fish and Bobby Firestone.

Haxton shot himself up the board when he led-out with a bet of 53,000 on the turn of a board that read [10s] 8  Q  9 . Action folded all the way around the table to Dmitry Gromov, who was seated to Haxton’s right. The bet sent Gromov into the tank for several minutes and a small crowd of players gathered around the table. Gromov eventually slid his remaining 135,000 into the middle and Haxton snap-called. Gromov flipped over [Jx] [10x] for gut-shot straight but Haxton turned over the nuts, J  K , making the higher straight. Gromov’s hope for one of three outs for a chopped pot ended when the 5  hit on the river. Gromov made his way to the rail and left Haxton with a healthy stack of 410,000.

Grospellier was severely short stacked when he was dealt Q  Q . He moved his small stack of 10,000 into the middle and was called by Firestone who showed A  K . The very first card on the flop, the A  set the stage for Grospellier’s exit. The remainder of the board ran out 7  5  8  9  and the current number one ranked player was done for the day.

Firestone’s victory did not last long. Ten minutes later he ran his pocket nines into Haxton’s pocket tens. Haxton raised from under the gun, Firestone moved all-in on the button and Haxton made the call. The board of 7  A  4  6  3  failed to improve either player’s hand and Firestone was wheeled away.

Michiel Brummelhuis of Netherlands began Day 2 as the chip leader and stayed in the lead till around 9 p.m. Brummelhuis lost his lead when Bryn Kenney took down a monster pot against Andrew Feldman at another table.

Once his lead was lost Brummelhuis was unable to reclaim it and was eventually sent to the rail by Alvarado. Alvarado dealt Brummelhuis his first serious blow of the tournament a few hands earlier, when Alvarado moved all-in with pocket Jacks. Brummelhuis made the call and showed A  6  but the board ran dry and Alvarado’s Jacks held up. Brummelhuis made his fourth cash of the 2009 WSOP.

The remaining 14 players will return Thursday at 1 p.m. to play for top prize of $633,335 and a WSOP bracelet.

WSOP: Mark Tenner Grabs Lead As Day 2 Ends

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Day 2 of the USD 2,500 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better (Event 46) ended with Mark Tenner in the lead. Play began Monday with 425 players but

Mark Tenner
Mark Tenner

only 196 returned for play on Tuesday. When the chips were bagged at the end of the night only 23 remained.

Tenner ended the night with 285,000 in chips and made his eighth World Series of Poker career cash. Tenner will be aiming to take down his first WSOP bracelet.

The underdog story of the night went to Frenchman Patrice Boudet who was playing in his first Omaha 8 tournament. Boudet began Day 2 with the shortest chip stack, a mere 2,500. After many ups and downs throughout the day he was sitting on one of the biggest stack in play at 205,000.

Something was amiss in the Amazon Room as players seemed to be out of sorts, confused and argumentative throughout the tournament.

At table 77 a shouting match ensued when Fabio Coppola insisted he should have won the low half of the pot that was awarded to John Juanda. With four cards on the board Juanda had two pairs with a bad low, but was awarded the pot when Coppola mucked his cards. Coppola insisted he had Ace-deuce, which would have given him the low and that half the pot was his.

The dealer, Juanda and most of the table argued that it did not matter what Coppola may have had in his hands, when he did not show his cards his hand was dead. Coppola refused to concede and the floor was called. “It’s real simple,” the floorman told Coppola. “If you don’t table your cards, you don’t have a live hand. You must table your cards. The whole pot goes to John.”

When moved to table 80 Coppola accused the dealer of cold-decking him. “It’s obvious you’re setting me up. I haven’t won a hand since you sat down,” he yelled. The dealer insisted he was not cold-decking or cheating in any other way but it was not enough. Coppola soon started mucking every hand dealt to him, and did not let up until a new dealer took a seat at the table.

Later at table 72 the issue of tabling hands came up again. A player claimed he was entitled to half the pot, but the dealer insisted the hand was dead because the player did not table the cards.

The floor was again called and this time took to reviewing the tapes to determine if the player had tabled the cards. In the end the floor ruled the cards had not been tabled and the hand was dead. Like Coppola, the player was not awarded half the pot he claimed to have won.

More drama was found at table 86 when Todd Brunson and an opponent were in a pot on a board reading 9  6  5  Q  K . Brunson turned over Q  Q  [10d] 9  and the opponent proclaimed “I have a straight” as he flipped over A  2  [10s] 7 . The dealer double checked the hand before telling the player “You have nothing.” The player was sure he had Brunson beat and insisted “I have a straight. Five, six, seven, nine. Oh, wait.” The dealer then slid the chips to Brunson.

The remaining 23 players will return tomorrow at 1 p.m. to play down to a final table. The winner will take home an amount just shy of USD 230,000 and a WSOP bracelet.

Excalibur Removes Automatic Poker Tables

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 The Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will be going back to a traditional setup and live dealers as it will be removing the touch-screen

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

poker playing monitors from its poker room.

The hotel’s parent company, MGM Mirage and tablemaker PokerTek Inc. said all the tables will be removed by July 5.

The touch screen poker games allow players to control the action at the tables with no chips, cards or dealers. MGM officials have found that players prefer playing at live dealer tables instead of automatic tables.

2009 WSOP: Tom Thomas Tops Seniors #43

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It’s down to the last 28 in the 2009 World Series of Poker Event #43, $1,000 Seniors World Championship. Tom Thomas leads the 50-and-over set with 917,000 in chips, followed by Charles Simon with 626,000, Scott Buller with 541,000, and John Bennett with 487,000. Each remaining competitor is already guaranteed cash of at least USD 10,149. Those making the final table will receive a minimum of USD 53,208, while the winner gets USD 437,358 and a WSOP bracelet.

Day 2 began at 2:00 p.m. with 397 of the original 2,707 veteran players left. The usual practice this year is to play down to a final table or until 3:00 a.m., whichever comes first. However, in deference to the reduced average stamina that comes with advancing years, tournament officials made a last minute decision to end play at the end of Level 20, which occurred at about 2:15 a.m.

David Tuffing took an early chip lead, being the first to pass the 100,000 mark, after he flopped a set in the hole and the flop. He was paid off handsomely by an opponent who couldn’t get away from top pair/top kicker. The money bubble was reached just before 5:00 p.m. Two players — Mark Dolan and Charles Glorioso — went out at the same time during hand-for-hand play, but from different tables, meaning that they split the 270th-place prize money of USD 1,921, for USD 960 a piece.

As it usually happens, there was a flurry of bust-outs after that point. In fact, the players were exiting at such a clip that the field lost another 170 over the next four hours — just under one per minute, on average. “Minneapolis” Jim Meehan was eliminated in 206th place (USD 2,044). With blinds and antes at 100/2000/300 in Level 14, he pushed his last 21,000 chips into the pot from the button and was called by the small blind. Meehan couldn’t pair either of his overcards when the board came and he hit the rail.

1986 Main Event champion Berry Johnston was taken out in 185th place, good for USD 2,044, though details of his final hand were not recorded. Similarly, we know that Barbara Enright took USD 2,621 for her 76th-place finish, but not how the hand went down. Noted tournament director Jack McClelland took a rough road to the exit. He took his stand preflop with A-K against a player holding just A-J. He didn’t want to see his namesake card hit the board, but that’s just what happened, and that jack sent McClelland to the exit in 132nd place, worth USD 2,414. Overnight chip leader Lloyd Shinn couldn’t keep up the pace and went out in 130th, taking home USD 2,414.

This is not the crowd in which one would expect to see official penalties handed out for lack of decorum. But Adolfo “Speedy” Gonzalez was given one for excessive celebration. At least he had a good reason for his exuberance when he hit a two-outer on the river. His   , all in preflop, was way behind his opponent’s    after the flop came    , and the   turn didn’t help either. It was the river  that launched Gonzalez into a screaming outburst of “Oh yeah! Ship it! I told you! Ship it!” as he ran around in circles and hugged random onlookers. In one of the last hands of the night, Gonzalez won another race, beating the exact same   , this time with   in the hole, receiving a much-needed double-up. Nevertheless, he will return for Day 3 as one of the shortest stacks, at 107,000.

The remaining players will reassemble at 1:00 p.m. PDT Wednesday and continue until a winner is determined.

WPT Bares Season 8 Schedule

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World Poker Tour (WPT)

World Poker Tour (WPT)

With the Bellagio Cup V only three weeks away, World Poker Tour (WPT) officials have released the schedule for Season VIII. A dozen tournaments will be held, including the brand new Hollywood Poker Open, which will debut from the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The entire series will be filmed in high-definition, providing a unique experience for viewers watching the action unfold on Fox Sports Net. The cable station returns as the television outlet for Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten, and the rest of the WPT broadcast crew for the second straight season. The first five seasons of the WPT aired on The Travel Channel, while Season VI could be seen on GSN. After a management change at GSN, WPT officials were left scrambling for a new media partner.

“As this great game has evolved over the years, we have seen the tour grow and develop into something truly incredible. Each year seems to top the last, from stops in exciting new venues to historical moments to breakout players to unbelievable action. We’re looking forward to seeing what the eighth season brings and then watching it broadcast in HD!,” WPT Founder and CEO Steve Lipscomb commented in a press release Wednesday.

Hollywood Casino was formerly known as Argosy and is housed outside Cincinnati. The 270,000 square foot riverboat casino on the Ohio River will host four WPT events, including the brand’s first televised tournament in the Midwest. Blue Diamond Almonds will once again sponsor WPT Live Updates, which Amanda Leatherman delivered last season.

Here’s a look at the schedule of events for WPT Season VIII, which kicks off in three weeks from Las Vegas, Nevada:

Bellagio Cup V
Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
July 13th to 19th, 2009
USD 15,000 + USD 400 buy-in

Legends of Poker
The Bicycle Casino (Los Angeles, CA)
August 22nd to 26th, 2009
USD 9,800 + USD 200 buy-in

Borgata Poker Open
Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa (Atlantic City, NJ)
September 19th to 24th, 2009
Buy-in To Be Determined

Festa al Lago
Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
October 20th to 26th, 2009
USD 15,000 + USD 400 buy-in

Foxwoods World Poker Finals
Foxwoods Resort Casino (Mashantucket, CT)
November 5th to 10th, 2009
USD 9,700 + USD 300 buy-in

Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic
Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
December 13th to 19th, 2009
USD 15,000 + USD 400 buy-in

Southern Poker Championship
Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS)
January 24th to 27th, 2010
USD 9,700 + USD 300 buy-in

L.A. Poker Classic
Commerce Casino (Los Angeles, CA)
February 20th to 25th, 2010
USD 9,600 + USD 400 buy-in

WPT Invitational
Commerce Casino (Los Angeles, CA)
February 27th to March 1st, 2010
Invitation Only

Bay 101 Shooting Star
Bay 101 (San Jose, CA)
March 8th to 12th, 2010
USD 9,600 + USD 400 buy-in

Hollywood Poker Open
Hollywood Casino (Lawrenceburg, IN)
March 20th to 24th, 2010
USD 9,600 + USD 400 buy-in

WPT Championship
Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
April 17th to 24th, 2010
USD 25,000 + USD 500 buy-in

In addition, the WPT will host two tournaments outside the United States in coming months. From August 26th through September 5th, the WPT Slovakia will take place at the Golden Vegas Casino in Brataslava. The Main Event has a price tag of GBP 4,400 and follows a deep stack structure. WPT officials are estimating a total prize pool of GBP 2.8 million, with players receiving 30,000 in starting chips and blinds of 25-50.

From September 6th to 12th, the tournament series heads to Cyprus for the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic. The event is expected to be televised regionally and carries a USD 10,300 buy-in. In June, the WPT Spanish Championship played out from Casino Barcelona. In the end, Markus Lehmann banked GBP 537,000 for his win in the annual overseas tournament, which attracted 226 entrants to the Spanish city.